Jan. 24th, 2009

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--Note: I've been looking for a way of kickstarting my latest fiction project - the one where I 'find the story only I can tell' - and am thinking that sketching my jumble of organic concepts out on 'paper', in public, might help. So if the below seems like way too much information, not to worry, it's not really important to anyone but me and can be safely skipped. Should you decide to plow thru anyway, however, feedback always welcome.

So...I have these characters. They have been with me since approximately the dawn of time. Or more accurately the mid-80's, when I was thirteen or so and decided to translate my terror of a global nuclear holocaust into something more...manageable? I don't know exactly what you'd call it.

It involved basically taking my current favourite characters from various media, giving them a mysterious immunity from radiation (also, um, some quick adjustments for maximum hotness), and having them wander around the ravaged post-apocalyptic landscape discovering how other less-than-favourites had fared. Not well, usually.
On the plus side, I had a pretty good time inventing various mutant and/or survivalist societies, especially once I got to Sweet Valley...yeah, there were actual Sweet Valley High characters in there. Also, at least one of the Bobbsey Twins. After the others went mad and, IIRC, started gnawing on her leg when she tried to escape...no, right, that was another character who got his leg gnawed. By giant mutated lizards from an ex-pet store, or something. Geez, I'd forgotten that scene...

...I dunno, calling it 'many BMW payments for the future therapist' seems to sum it up pretty well. (Or maybe I was simply ahead of my time, and we can call it 'primitive NES POV shooter'.)

Wherein it starts making more sense (I think)... )


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