Feb. 7th, 2009

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--For those of you who haven’t read the little disclaimer at the top of Part 1, now’s the time. I can’t guarantee reading Part 1 itself will clarify matters any, but it can’t hurt.

So, as discussed therein, I have these characters. They are bits of my true authentic psyche, and I’d like to tell their story. Trouble is, I’ve tried using that as a basis for novel-writing before, with other characters, and it fizzled badly. Turns out transcribing careful character setups doesn’t, in fact, automatically = plot.

The current character set have been through quite a few settings in my head, shifting as my interest did. They began, as noted, negotiating a post-apocalyptic landscape, satisfying both my need for geopolitical reassurance and daydreams about loyalty and friendship (why yes, I was a total loner in school, why do you ask?)

After awhile, the threat of the Evil Empire faded and/or I ran out of ways to anticipate Tank Girl, and they accordingly settled down…on another planet. Becoming aliens was a natural lead-out from enabling them to survive nuclear winter, I guess. Anyhow, they were soon settled in a remote farming community - at odds with the hi-tech colony that occupied the rest of the planet.
This is where things get interesting (assuming any of this is interesting). See, around this same time I’d begun serious Bible study, which necessarily involved some emphasis on the angels who ‘forsook their proper place’, came to Earth, and were condemned for it. Aspects of which somehow must’ve captured my imagination, somewhere.

What if there was a plot, and nobody noticed? )
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