Mar. 5th, 2009

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Toronto, my beloved city, is 175 today - and here are 175 reasons, courtesy the hometown Star, why that's a Very Good Thing.

Which also seems like a very decent segue into a progress report on the Great Shoe Migration of '09: The moving part is still on. Really, we swear.

However. As it turns out, thinking seriously about leaving a place, and leaving the people, are two distinctly different things. Witness congregations are static within a given area, rather like a Catholic parish; once you move out of the [preaching] 'territory', that's it, whole new congregation. Sure, there's nothing saying you can't keep up with your friends anyway, but...well, you know how that works. "We'll have to get together real soon!" "Oh, I know, I've been so busy!" *trots happily away, never to be seen again*

So basically for the last couple weeks it's been talk excitedly about moving, go to meeting, feel crushed at thought of parting, talk a little less excitedly, go to meeting...lather, rinse, repeat. The lack of excitement was getting to elephant-in-the-room levels - and if you'll recall, these are very small rooms - before we finally both broke down last night and admitted that taking everything into the balance, we weren't ready to give up what we have just yet. She would rather take more frequent days right out in the country over a compromise position somewhere in suburbia, and frankly I don't fancy complicating my commute the way I'd have to anyway.

On the other hand, the lack of space is still a major issue. I do honestly long for a bedroom, with a bed, which isn't separated from the kitchen only by a low counter that the cats keep knocking things off all night. For that matter, Shoemom wants a living room that she doesn't have to worry about explaining away all my tchotchkes every time she has adults over - much less the nephews. Some of them are glass.

Thus, new plan. Friends in a nice-but-affordable old building nearby mentioned the other week that there was a two-bedroom coming up there. Shoemom loves the friends' apartment, is ecstatic about the tree-intensive location (it backs out on to the huge historic Mount Pleasant Cemetery - very quiet neighbors!) and just generally 'has the same connexion I felt when I saw this [current] place for the first time'. And we've been here five years. Kitchen's a lot smaller in this new place, but not-futon sleeping place....mmmm. Also, walk-in closet. I feel so shallow, but it's true.

So we're all set to initiate paperwork. Friends are good buddies with the super, so things are looking...gahhh, don't want to get too excited about this in case it doesn't happen...let's leave it at that, shall we? Will report developments as they come in....

....eeeeeeeeeee i hope i hope i hope...


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