Apr. 10th, 2009

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Most of the time, I'm an eccentric and proud of it. Once in awhile, though, as you tend to do, I start wondering about my congruence with the wider world; it's not just me, right? Surely others...

...Have very specific routines for eating, such as only taking exactly twelve crackers out of the box, and counting out the Skittles by colour so I can eat the most common ones first? (This is really important, because heaven forfend I carelessly scarf all the red ones only to face an ocean of yellow and green.)

...When out walking with the headphones on, start pretending it's your own personal life soundtrack? Bonus points if you adjust your pace to the beat; a gold star if you find yourself doing a tiny little Travolta-esque strut on the really fun parts.

...Whenever the phrase 'other sheep' is mentioned during services, turn to your seatmate and (quietly; I'm not an absolute moron) go 'Baaaaaaa!'? More bonus points if you're also secretly working up a complimentary sound for mention of 'the goats'.

...Spend slow times at work bending paper clips and other malleable items into abstract sculpture? Then get really upset because overnight the cleaners have totally dissed the timeless work of art sitting on your monitor stand, entitled One Wonky Clip, a Gold-Foil Twist-Tie Spiral and a Couple Shiny Stars Picked Up From the Brand Launch Confetti?

...Start feeling really really bad if you accidentally leave a stuffed animal to smother under your covers? (Uh...don't ask what they were doing there in the first place.)

...Have conversations with the cat in which you respond to their meows as if they were actual, er, responses? Or sometimes, vary it up by meowing back, making a serious effort to try and duplicate the correct tone? Which never works, because you always end up collapsing in hysterical laughter at the cat's expression, which indicates you've probably just told it you want to have sex with its mother?

...Occasionally have little competitions with yourself by way of making important life decisions, like, 'Let's see, if I can get up these stairs before the door closes, I'll have a good day at work' or 'OK, if I can cross this street in the next ten minutes, that means I should go with the green blouse?'

...yeah. Like I said, just checking.


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