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Haven't updated in awhile, and as dedicated readers might guess, that's largely because not much of note has been going on. Had crazy week at work, got sick in the middle of it, so didn't see the new Star Trek movie after all, which put paid to my vague plan to wait until then to update.

So that's my big content note today: Shoe Does Still Intend To See New Star Trek Movie Soon, film at 11. If your marrowbones are somehow not thrilled through yet, I could go on to describe the excitement of discovering that Sobey's grocery now does hand-made potato chips (crisps, for the UK audience).
Seriously, they slice the potatoes fresh daily, douse 'em in sea salt, and hey, diet doom. These things trigger way down on the primal goodness level - somewhere just alongside Cadbury's Creme Eggs. On the whole it was probably a good thing that cramps kept me from even looking at food for a couple days. The spell had almost worn off...then on my first tentative totter out into the fresh air, I encountered: BBQ flavour. Curse you, heartless spud-slicers!

This sort of thing is especially tricky to negotiate just now, because I have reached an interesting stage of my diet where my appetite keeps insinuating - usually while standing in front of the Starbucks counter - that I've done so well, denied myself so much, don't I think I deserve a treat? Well, yes, OK, I concede, a very small treat. Oh, go on, says my appetite, a couple extra calories won't hurt now...And so on. I have been forced to take drastic measures: I tried on a truly gorgeous Mexx dress the other day in full, cold and deliberate knowledge that it was and will remain horribly unflattering until I lose that last ten pounds.

Cruel, yes...but effective. Perhaps a little too effective; my appetite is now arguing I need potato chips to console myself for the mental image of self in that dress. 


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