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The story I posted last week, it continues. Usual caveats about first time I've done this, rough draft, please be nice, yadda-yadda-any more whining I haven't thought of yet-cakes.



In which there is much discussion of comic books, for some reason... )
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After due consideration, I am thinking that it might be wiser to get this going now, before the cold medication wears off.

It's interesting, what an afternoon home sick trying to entertain yourself will do to your authorial morale. I've been skimming the Wikipedia 'Articles For Deletion' discussions - fascinating little mini-sagas of the effort to be neutral and altruistic on the Net - and have been encouraged not to worry, because comparatively speaking, I don't HAVE any readers. Thus, there's little-to-no chance thousands will gather and jeer and eventually make an Internet-wide fetish of my incompetence.

....Still, it might just be worth pointing out that I can spell, OK? I can spell REALLY REALLY WELL, as a matter of fact. Except the parts that I deliberately misspelled, for effect. That is...oh, the hell with it.

To confuse the issue further, this isn't the same saga I was on about a few weeks ago; it has roots in a few of the same places, though. I actually started this one 'way back on the old forum, but got sidetracked - hard - when it became evident that I'd have to introduce some actual plot at some point. The idea now is, I post the setup chapters over a few weeks, by which point I will have made a decent start on the plot part and be posting that.

If anyone wants to follow along, feedback is welcome as usual. Just realise that this is still a very rough draft, 'kay? And overlong, and probably embarrassingly naiive if not derivative. But it is - I cannot stress this enough - very well-spelled. (Also, on the off-chance, copyright asserted etc.)

Either way, fun starts here... )


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shoebox_dw: (gf amazing talents) article definitely coming tomorrow. In the meantime....

...Well, actually I'm not entirely sure why I'm posting this little fanfic scene I wrote a few years ago. I was browsing among the friendslists, and everybody was chattering happily about their fandoms and their fics and I don't know what all, and I suppose I felt a wee bit left out.

Besides (she said, speaking sternly to her inner twelve-year-old) I'm thinking of charging bravely back into the fiction arena generally, and have just completed a review of all my older projects as the traditional first step. It's not going to rock anyone's world, this little piece, but does provide a decent idea of my creative voice.

What it is, is a takeoff on a scene in That Thing You Do!, Tom Hanks' slight-but-charming 1996 film about a buncha guys from small-town PA who form a band, record a hit song and become one-hit Wonders, all in the summer of 1964. Charming, mainly, because of Tom Everett Scott, who played Guy Patterson, the drummer who steps in when founding member Chad breaks an arm jumping parking meters ("Uh, guys? Chad fell down...")
It's Guy's dawning realisation of his own good sense - and sense of humour - that launches the adventure, sustains it as far as it can go, and ultimately becomes the only thing to survive the wreck. (Also, because this is Hollywood, it earns him Liv Tyler, fresh from the arms of temperamental lead singer Jimmy.)

It's among my favourites not only because it's well-made and funny but because of  the aforementioned  Scott, the kid whose uncanny resemblance to a young Hanks provided a lot of the buzz around the film at the time. Put simply, in this film he's pretty much my ideal, uh, guy, both outside and in. In fact, his resemblance to the heroes of my own imagined tales is such that it took the first hour of my first viewing to shake the vague feeling that we were old friends.

So...this scene. There's a point in the movie at which the newly-hot Wonders are whisked aboard a plane to LA by their manager, Mr. White (Hanks) who informs them enroute that they'll be starring in a 'major motion picture' and then appearing on the 'Hollywood Showcase', a Sullivan stand-in. After which he sends Lenny (Steve Zahn, which tells you all you need to know) and 'the bass player' (a sweetly dopey Ethan Embry) off to visit the cockpit or something, and announces "Got any more questions, keep 'em to yourselves, I'm tired and I want to sleep."

My imagination picked things up from there. As it happened, it got a little ambitious re: time and space and how much of either would actualy be available on a 747...but what the heck. It's cute, and I think it's kinda funny, and if you like, it's below the cut.


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