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...the PopMatters one on the film Holiday, that is.

Yeah, I know, it's been awhile. Here I was patiently waiting to be notified the article was up, like last time, and turns out it's been on the go all along. Maybe that's a service only provided to novice authors, or ones who bug their editors to distraction (if there's a difference!), I don't know.

Anyway, there it is, and I'm pleased as a very pleased person over it. Looking at it in a pro-type setting, it has...well , a professional-type air. It sounds article-y. It resolves any last lingering doubts in my mind; I can write. The Bob & Ray thing was neither fluke nor (total) mania. From a non-fiction standpoint at least, I have it under control.

Aw, man, that's a nice feeling.

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...oh, lord, I don't know why I'm reacting to this in lolcat. But it's true: I heard back from my PopMatters editor this evening, and he's more than delighted to accept my Holiday piece. He was so delighted, in fact, that I'm blushing a little as I, er, carefully store the email away for rereading. On a regular basis.

Honestly, this is just the most fabulous feeling. I hope it never gets old. I mean, I hope I have a chance to find out one way or another, but just in case, I wouldn't mind experiencing that heart leap over and over again. Except next time I may try not to have it happen at Tim Horton's. I have no memory of what happened between checking my email and arriving home with [checks bag] a key lime donut.

Which is OK, I guess, I like key lime. But I like BEING PUBLISHED BETTER! WOOOOOOOOT!

...ah, yeah, needs work, I know. I suppose it's the old touchdown thing - act like you get into the endzone on a regular basis, not like it's a huge honking surprise. Thing is, though, it is. Especiallly in re: opinion pieces like this. If some small part of you isn't honestly amazed when somebody confirms your random thoughts are good enough to be broadcast to the public wholesale, I'm thinking you've got serious issues.

Also needing work is the title - my editor (and yes, I intend to refer to him in the possessive at every possible opportunity, so get used to it now) isn't familiar with the movie, so has asked me for suggestions. As can be gathered from the original header (which references an old REM lyric) me and snappy titles, they don't come automatic. I told him I'd ponder...and meanwhile, I'm throwing it open to the readership. Any and all suggestions welcome.

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OK, I'm officially on an upswing this week. Found a pair of slinky jeans that fit perfectly and everything. Down two sizes from last year's purchase, too. Turning thirty-eight? Hah! I laugh at turning thirty-eight!

Well, alright, I don't really. But the jeans definitely helped. So did the cute sneakers - do they still call them sneakers? I just realised I may with one word have completely undone all the jeans' good work. Excuse it please. They're New Balance, and according to the endearingly typical salesdude @ Athletic World they're 'very ergonomic fit, good for the high-intensity urban environment'. Translation: I'm all kitted out for the summer's hiking. Which is nice.

So is the response I just got from my very nice former PopMatters editor re: my most recent feature submission: he definitely remembers me, and will be pleased to take a look at my essay ASAP. This, of course, being the flat print version of "OMIGOSH HE REMEMBERED ME! I TOTALLY DID NOT EXPECT THAT! DO THEY REALLY DO THAT?!"
...aaaaaand the sophistication level slips another notch. I don't care. Frankly at this point I am not even really worried about the article getting in or not - although it would be huge if it did, don't get me wrong - I am just so pleased to be remembered. Makes me feel all...professional, and stuff.

Meaanwhile, the plotting ideas for finishing the sci-fi novel keep on keepin' on, popping into my head apace. Apparently, my subconscious really wants to revisit this thing, so I guess the Grand Sweeping Epic of Everything will have to wait a bit. Sorry, anybody who was waiting breathless.

Last but definitely not least, it came time for my bimonthly flash of renewed interest in Kalan Porter, ex-Idol moppet and blond dude with big china-blue eyes and some stubble. There's a ways to go yet, is all I am saying, deliberately ironic blogging or no. Still, they did pose him with a glass in his hand for the scanned article I read, and there doesn't seem to have been any angsting in the fandom about a possible drink problem as a result, which I think qualifies as serious progress.

(I, on the other hand, have regressed dreadfully. Because I now cannot get out of my head the impulse to pop in and start some angsting, just for giggles. I think my next rant post will have to deal with how fandom rots your brain.)

Anyway, in the article Kalan describes his new music as 'kind of uptempo'. Now, as has been chronicled elsewhere, I adore synth-pop. Have done for years. Always assuming Kalan is talking Thompson Twins and not Aqua - the emphasis on 'fun' is especially worrisome - but that's a risk I am prepared to take. Go ye forth into the world and tweak those keyboards, KP. I may yet realise my dream of hearing the Weird Scathing Angst factor performed deliberately, rather than frantically wishing it there myself in an effort to salvage coolness points.

Now, to bed...perchance to dream of the Niceness Wave spilling over Finance. "Why, yes, you can have this new vendor record # processed overnight! Urgent purchase orders approved without budget dollars available? No problem, our pleasure!"
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So I finally heard back from PopMatters re: the column proposal - after a gentle nudge sent earlier this week. My idea is too unfocussed for their needs, they said. And that's all they said, leading me to believe there's a whole lot more they could've said.

Well...hey, it's an essential experience on every aspiring writer's resume, right? Right. Besides, I'd rather concentrate on fiction just now anyway.


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Hey, remember that time I actually got published? Y'know, the article about the comedy...Right, moving on now.

So I've been giving a bit of thought to PopMatters again, in re: some of my essays past and hopefully future, and in browsing the Submissions request page came across...of all things...a call for monthly columnists.

What? OK, yes, it's a stretch. Linking the state of modern pop-culture to the Human Condition is not one of my strong points. Actually, the state of modern pop-culture isn't my strong point, so much.

Still...that phrase in the headline, 'intellectual misfits', kinda intrigues. This would seem to cover a person who is demonstrably capable of entertaining reading audiences from a mind stuffed with fragments like "Lt. Columbo's first name really isn't Philip, that comes from a trivia encyclopedia that threw it in as a coypright trap, and Trival Pursuit duly picked it up".

Anyway, my previous editor was encouraging re: future submissions, so it can't hurt to work something up. The only issue I have is in coming up with a linking topic, as outlined. I'd like to try a humourous/snarky slant of some sort, in keeping with my strengths, but that leaves a biggish gap in re: what exactly. General-purpose snark might lead me to start rambling again. Reality TV, my previous speciality, wouldn't really work on a monthly basis.

This is where we stand as of even date. The call is open until the New Year, so I've got a bit of time to work it out. If anyone has any ideas (and no, the number of a good therapist doesn't count) by all means let me know...
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Public-service announcement: In reviewing the readership stats for the last couple days, I notice with increasing dismay that many people checking out my historical pieces are actually in Europe. Uh, yeah...sorry about that, guys. Any chance we can just write me off as a typical boneheaded goofball North American, chuckle indulgently and move on? Or at least, put down that guillotine?


So I've signed up as a Wikipedia editor, despite growing amusement at the ever-widening dichotomy between the scholarly attempt to gather, collate and notarize every significant subject possible and the reality of the human nature involved in the process. Internet human nature, at that; upon which a few minute's meditation should really have discouraged the Wikicreators right there at the starting gate.

It didn't, however, and I must admit there's a certain seductive pleasure in (finally!) being able to share your trivia pile with the world and call it Adding to the Store of Knowledge. Also, there's the moment when you go googling to confirm some minor trifle you're planning on adding to the Bob & Ray pages and discover that...whoops!...

[raises teeny-tiny horn to lips]

*toot toot*

...there are actually a few other blogs out there that linked to my PopMatters article! One of which belongs to Mark Evanier! Words like 'good' and 'great' being thrown around!...Plus, a really nice onsite comment on the article itself!

[lowers horn]

...Anyhow, I was wondering - I know the readership contains at least a couple people who've run up against this sort of thing before - my first impulse was of course to cyber-race up to all these people and strew hugs and babbled 'thank-you's madly about; my second was to wonder if that was quite the done thing. Don't want to look like a craven opportunist and all that, don't you know. Or, perhaps worse, a goofy n00b. But then, perhaps not responding at all would be unpardonably rude...
Thus I appeal to the audience: Just how does one react in cases like this? Are thank-you posts expected, or appropriate? I notice one of the mentions is on an LJ, and on reading the posts generally would really like to be able to swear eternal Friends List-ship if it's at all possible...
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...oh, you remember, that comedy team.

Seriously, I'm on the front page and least for this weekend (come to think of it, you might want to schedule reading it as something pleasant to do of a Sunday afternoon).

After that, the link is under 'My Favourite Things', here. Please note that yours truly is mentioned not only as the author, but over there in the side blurb as 'exploring the partnership'. And you thought I was just being annoying! Well...yeah, as it turns out, annoying does get you places after all. I mean, this is me sharing a page with Snoop Dogg. Fame is in fact completely surreal...

Er...sorry, folks, you'll have to put up with the babbling for awhile. There's apparently no manual for how to react when the crowning dream of your life is realised - or at least begins to be realised (Shoemom: 'Yes dear, I'm so proud; next time, find out if they're paying you upfront, OK?') so, uh, yeah, babbling.
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Public-service announcement: Kalan Porter.

OK, OK, I know...look, I did try a Google News search beforehand this time, but no dice. Save for a handful of references to this year's CI auditions. I note they seem to have borrowed the 'Looky the cumulative avalanche of talent we've uncovered!' card from AI...unfortunately a year or so after everybody noticed that the AI talent being referenced were, almost without exception, the people who had fallen by the wayside (or been shoved there) during the process, not the carefully-nurtured products of same.

Which would still not be a huge problem, per se, except that CI's version of 'C'mon out, take a chance, and you too could be the next Daughtry!' is, y'know, Billy Klippert. I won't even get into the dichotomy between being Jennifer Hudson and being Jacob Hoggard. So who the hell do they have left to seriously audition for this thing? Greg Neufeld, hoping third time's the charm? The mind reels.

Anyway, seriously, there is a point to my base attention-gathering tactics here. Really. Not, I will confess, unmixed with a certain particular satisfaction in terms of my...stormy...Idol-writing career. (See, kids, this is one of the practical advantages of staying awake in English class - you have at your command infinite polite euphemisms for "Nyahh-nyah-nyahhhh-NYAHHHHHH!".)

It's a rather peculiar sensation, isn't it, having good news to tell? I mean, really good news. Not just 'there was leftover birthday cake in the office today,' or even 'whoa, hunky dude from the Pilates class finally asked me out!'.
This is the kind that validates something so deep inside, it gives you little shuddery shocks of sweetness every time you realise it afresh. So that who you tell, and how, becomes important in and of itself. Do you run screaming through the streets, setting all that excitement off in one glorious but short-lived firework? Or do you hoard it carefully, spending it only among those close ones of whom you can be sure of maximum return on your investment?

...Or, reluctant to give it up in either case, do you heighten the sensation by blathering on for awhile about the entirely obvious?

Read more... )
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Real quick this time; my friend [profile] solo_1 tells me that if I (re)post my Bob & Ray opus, she'll read it. At which point it occurred to me I was perhaps feeling a little over-conscientious not to just go ahead and inflict the ruddy thing on the readership once again, given that there is after all the option not to read.

So...please ignore, those who either aren't Solo or are starting to worry about me. All others welcome. :)

As per usual, feedback not only welcomed but encouraged, either by email or using the comments template below...I've set the comments to pre-screen, so they'll come to me first, at which point you can let me know if you'd rather they be posted or not.

Would-be copyright violators, however, should be advised that I have an in-depth knowledge of the Biblical book of Revelation and would not be at all hesitant to interpret it all over your sorry butts.

Thanks much!


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