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Nothing too serious, just the usual opportunities to waaaaaaaay overthink public media on the daily commute:

1.) The Big Giant Ad of Specialness one of the online dating services - could be - has put up @ Union Station. 'We're looking for Canada's Top 200 Singles!' it says. Apparently there are prizes and everything.
Now, correct me if I'm missing some marketing subtletly here, but this is a dating service, right?  So, following things out to the logical conclusion, your 'top singles' would be...the ones who aren't single anymore? I mean, if they are still single, that would indicate a pretty severe failure to get with the program, from your POV.

2.) OK, this Robert Pattinson thing. He has my undying respect for his candidly-stated approach to his Twilight character - basically, the Method expression of "Are you %#$^%&-ing kidding me?". Thing is, he has also been confronting me on newstands everywhere lately, and you'll need to excuse me while I get this off my chest:

Is it just me, or does he - when in Edward Teh Angsty Vampire mode, anyhow - look exactly like a live-action Dragonball Z character? You know - the Brows of Badassery drawn way down his face, with a ferocious little scowl sort of wedged beneath? Like, it's hard to tell whether he's heroic or just irritable that he didn't listen when his mom said his face would freeze like that?

This all I have been able to see for some few months now, at any rate, and it is impeding what little ability I have left to take the whole Sparkly Fun Undead franchise seriously...oops, slipped another notch there.

You know, there are days when a long urban commute has its compensations, after all.
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So apparently I'm about the only over-18 female blogger who hasn't yet commented indignantly on the Twilight phenomenon.

OK then, let's fix this right now: The Twilight phenomenon.

...Seriously, I'm just not all that interested. Also, I'm not all that qualified, given I was a tender devotee of the Sweet Valley High series at the same age. Yep, up to and including the 'Super Thriller' in which the crazed spa owner, not content with her army of beautiful zombie employees, decides to redo herself as the Wakefield twins' mom by luring her to her secret underground plastic-surgery lab.

Colin Watson once remarked that bestselling authors do not get that way by shaping attitudes; they tap into existing ones. When the sparkles clear, Twilight's popularity simply reflects the latest tempting gloss on the near-universal need, among tween girls, to validate their unremarkable selves as Secretly the Most Beautiful and Special of All. Naturally this will be intuited by a gorgeous and sensitive guy, who will whisk them far away from Des Moines or wherever that their True Love may prevail over all those nasty, jealous girls in gym class.

Eventually, the ones with an ounce of sense, which I think is the majority, grow out of the fantasy and go on to find real fulfilment. The ones who don't, of course, grow up to force their bridesmaids to wear Disney-themed dresses complete with faery wings, but they provide endless entertainment for the sensible ones in the process. It works out.

For those who feel like doing some serious hand-wringing over our nation's youth, may I suggest the following headline?
Carleton University Students Drop Fundraiser for Illness Targeting Caucasians. 

Whereas Orientation week strives to be inclusive as possible;

Whereas all orientees and volunteers should feel like their fundraising efforts will serve their diverse communities;

And whereas cystic fibrosis has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men;

Be it further resolved that: The CUSA representatives on the incoming Orientation Supervisory Board work to select a new broad reaching charity for orientation week.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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