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I recently discovered I have remote access to my work email. Meaning I can check it here at home, anytime.

Let me repeat that: I can check it here at home. This is bad. This is very bad, because I am a compulsive Checker of Things. The instant I make what I suspect is a particularly chuffy post I spend the next hour on Statcounter, refreshing madly to see if anyone's noticed it yet. I slip checks of my TVTropes watchlist between sales report results.
And now I have insta-checkable work email. While I admit the novelty of poring over vendor issues at my own pace and place, where NONE OF THEM CAN GET AT ME HA HA HA, isn't liable to fade soon...I dread the day I start feeling the guilt. As in 'Y'know, you really should review those ex-factory dates, you never got a chance to do it today,' or 'It never hurts to check and see if you've missed any urgent marketing deadlines!' If I ever announce that I've decided to renounce the Internet and go do good works amongst the poor or something,you will know the reason why.

Apropos of all this, I am hoping that I have convinced spilleta42's stalker - who gifted me with a visit from the 36-Point Red Font Fairy the other night - that my mighty Check-Fu means I am a lousy spamming prospect. Trust me, kiddo: I can find & delete 'em just as fast as you can post 'em. Besides which I have younger sisters, which means I can recognise immature cattiness at forty paces, minimum.

About the only thing you've accomplished is to deepen my sympathy for your target. Being the victim of this kind of smear campaign is bad enough; that it's driven by this kind of obsessive malice must be hellish.

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Date: 2009-06-16 10:36 pm (UTC)
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Oh no Shoe, do not give in to the urge to check work stuff in your off hours! Trust me, I work from home & have access to my work email 24/7...I have been through first I thought it was cool to check in at the evenings & weekends, just in case I was missing something, but soon found out it becomes obsessive, it was demanding and totatlly wasteful of my free I stopped. Now when I log off work around 4pm I do not check till the next day & on Fridays --- it's gone till Monday, heck, they don't pay you to look at it!!

Sorry you friend is being hounded...sounds a totally mean & horrible thing to do to someone.

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Date: 2009-06-18 02:05 am (UTC)
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Oh! *is wide-eyed listening to the voice of experience* Thanks much. Right, that bookmark gets deleted pronto. Do not need marketing headaches following me around all weekend, esp. in summer.

Sorry you friend is being hounded...sounds a totally mean & horrible thing to do to someone.

Mm. The weird part is, she's not actually my friend - she's a friend of a couple people I'm friended to here on LJ. The stalker's campaign apparently extends out to trying to convince me to convince them to drop this girl...yes, mean and hostile is a good way to put it. Also, damned disturbing.


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