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It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, isn’t it? And now, not liable to again. I was feeling rather wistful about the whole situation – the way you do, when you hear the fate of a friend long past – until I happened to catch judge Zack Werner’s reaction. Something about how bitterly ironic it was that the show was being canned as too expensive, when it’s in just this sort of economy that kids need dreams to hold onto.
Er, yeah, Zack. Not to worry; they can always still aspire to be contestants on Don’t Forget the Hits! And there, they’ve a chance to be paid real money.

Anyway, I dragged out my old home-made ‘Best of CI2’ CD as part of the total music overhaul, inspired by Brian Melo’s version of Karma Police from CI5. It’s worth a download, mostly; Melo’s rock voice sounds authentic, and I was heartened to learn that he and the bubblegum factory have since parted ways.

As for CI2…oy. Remember I said I wasn’t particularly embarrassed by my past musical choices? Well, I lied. Shorn of the excitement of the moment, Teh Greatest CI Season Evah comes off, largely, as…how do I put this? Like you thought you were watching American TV, and it turns out it was Canadian all along.

Mind, this does have the effect of throwing the glimmers of real professionalism into high relief:

Top 32:

What I preserved
- Kalan (Lady), Theresa (Summertime), Kaleb (Water Runs Dry)
What I'd keep now - None of the above. These are three canny kids showing off their vocal tricks for the voters; that's all. Kaleb probably gives the closest thing to an actual performance.

Top 10:

What I preserved- Kalan (Born to Be Wild), Theresa (Good Mother), Elena (Mary Jane)
What I'd keep now  - Theresa. No idea how I put up with Elena's shouting for even this long, anymore. Meanwhile, Kalan's developed a serious case of Johnson novelty syndrome: it's not so much that he's performing well, as that he's performing it at all.

Top 9:

What I preserved- Jacob (Space Oddity), Kalan (House of the Rising Sun)
What I'd keep now  - Both, unreservedly. They are collectively the reason us Canucks were all "Our Idol is better than yours, nyahhh!" at AI all season. (Although I do wish Kalan would just record the damn song already so I can get a version clear of all the SCREEM!s.)

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Jun. 25th, 2008 09:36 pm
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I know I ought to be updating more often lately, but honestly, even for the (inexplicably) dedicated readers this blog has, there's not much percentage in it that I can see. Life is just sort of puttering along - rather like the weather - here @ Shoe Central. Partly interesting, with a 40% chance of amusing overnight.

I did get my Bob & Ray CDs, but would imagine by now that even the most dedicated readers - say, the top one or two - don't want to sit through another ramble on that subject. Let us just say that I'm having a wonderful time, especially with the ep in which the guys take off on 'modern radio sales techniques' that sound rather alarmingly like, well, modern sales techniques.  ("Hello Dave! My, your hair looks so natural and un-patent-leathery!").
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In the interval between soaking up the goodness from my last writing project and deciding what to tackle next – as I understand it, a common problem among your neophyte literary geniuses -  I suddenly got all nostalgic for my first writing project again.
Or, more specifically, I got really really bored at work the other day, decided to check in on Brian Melo, the latest Canadian Idol, then immediately wished I hadn’t. Suffice it to say, boyo’s sales to even date, here @ Hbc at least, are just over Kalan Porter’s ditto in one week. Pre-Christmas week, but still. And I really don’t have any particular reason to believe they’re more impressive elsewhere.
I was going to go on to run comparisons to Hedley’s latest, but decided that the karma police have been thorough enough in re: those Juno ads without me contributing to my own torture. Memo to Canadian music industry: Reveling in your success is one thing; rubbing a fair chunk of your market’s nose in it is something else again. Possibly a source of legal action, if I can prove that’s the reason the cats race from the room every time Jacob starts yowling…
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Public service announcement: I realise the season for Hallowe'en house decorating is well over, but as long as the ghosties are still dangling from the bushes I feel it my duty to point out a couple things:

1. You know that white fuzzy stuff that's supposed to represent cobwebs? Yes, cobwebs. Those eerily filmy things that hang round neglected corners and sometimes wash over neglected furniture. See, the keywords here are eerily and filmy. Merely plumping great wads of fuzzy stuff all over the lawn suggests that neglect has not so much led to gloom as a cheery sort of occult pillow fight, or perhaps a cosmic Tide commercial. Especially after it rains and the people passing are all 'ooh, I wonder how they're going to pick all that up when they're done'.

2. On the other hand, dying the clumps of fuzzy stuff neon orange? Is truly scary, if only because one fears for the human race if people capable of missing the point that badly are allowed to mingle their genetic material.
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So I sent around a PM to my forum the other day, announcing that I did not, repeat not, want to spend any more time trying to care about Kalan Porter. I threw around phrases like 'moving on' and 'flapping my wings' and generally stopped just shy of yowling "Free at last, Lord! Free at last!"

Then my good friend Margot offered me a free ticket to his show at the MOD club here in downtown T.O. (also the chance to see her again for the first time in ages). After which, my other good friend Monica informed the world at large that her life would be complete if only I wrote up a recap.

Clearly, step one in the Serious Writing Career is find some less caring and encouraging friends ASAP. I must have angst, people! Angst!

...hey, wait a minute...
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Seriously. If you ever want an exercise in humility, try sitting yourself down and trying to figure out exactly why anyone should be interested in reading your take on the universe at large.

However, here I am, improbably enough, and I've already made the big play for humility below so am pretty much permanently schnookered in that direction. (See, kids, this is why an addiction to self-pity is so dangerous. I mean, as long as Apple's still in business there will always be a need to weasel another iPod upgrade out of Mom and/or Dad, y'know? Learn to pace yourselves.)

...Ahem. So anyway, I'll just add that there will be very, very few solutions to world angst proffered or pondered from here on in. I'm not even a particularly political animal - although given that my memories of Conservative goverment involve things just getting crappier and crappier until the e.Coli arrived, I confess to being rather glad at the slimness of their federal mandate).
My entire rep as a writer [and the crowd goes wild: Yay.] rests on an ability to - notice things, I suppose you'd call it, and point them out. That's it...hope it's enough.

I suppose I'd best begin with what I've been doing in the, er, entire year since I last posted. Not honing my razor-sharp communication skills, obviously. Read more... )
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This is going to be a recurring theme, in this journal: Notes from the (Canadian, mostly) Idol Front Lines...well, sort of front lines. I'm probably the last female in Idol fandom who hasn't yet been hugged by the current CI, an elfin - some even say angelic, though I have my grave doubts - rocker by the name of Kalan Porter.
Maybe it's more like M*A*S*H, where they were perpetually 'three miles from the front' - not close enough to be totally engulfed by the madness, but close enough to need to ward it off constantly with jokes. (Yeah, I realise I just compared the Korean War to a reality television series. Go tell that to the TV critics who carry on like Simon Cowell's the Antichrist.) 
This year, though, bore a closer resemblance to later-season 4077th, inasmuch that as time went on the feeling that I was watching Something Actually Quite Special, in this case young Porter, got harder and harder to ignore until it threatened the funny to a really alarming degree. Luckily, as this recap from the Toronto leg of his concert tour demonstrates, there are compensations...

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