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What a fabulous Winter Games this has been.

And I'm not just saying that because Todd Bertuzzi was the goat in the men's hockey disaster. (Yeah, he's done the NHL time for his crime. That still doesn't make it right that he should be gunning for world gold while Steve Moore's still struggling to focus on the telecast.)

No, it's because, as I feel compelled to remind the readership at least once a week, I work for Hbc - OK, the Hudson's Bay Company. They're hoping to tactfully ditch the full name, thanks. On the same basic principles as KFC, except our coolness-preventing stereotypes are named Pierre instead of Sanders.

Let’s face it, ordinarily this job never ranks high on the Forbes 500 Coolest lists. I don’t even get to work on the potentially glamourous projects; all those are over at the Bay. Tell people you work for Zellers, on the other hand, and you inevitably become the sounding board for years of consumer gunginess, not infrequently involving bodily fluids.
 “Oh, Shoe, it’s OK…” you are now thinking sympathetically. “At least your family and friends are supportive and proud!” Yeah, well, all props for thinking positively. At least remote acquaintances feel the need to murmur ‘I’m sure it’s not your fault, but…” before launching into the epic tale of Aunt Millie’s New Caftan and the Mystery Stain: “…we had to ask the girl twice before she’d get off the phone and tell that man to put the rottweiler back on the leash!"

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