Feb. 5th, 2009

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...Just in case you were wondering.

Yesterday was a very odd day at work, as I imagine most of this type are. I don't want to say anything else about it, on account of this company has a privacy policy that makes North Korea look like Happy Fun Land, and wouldn't it be just too ironic if I got fired for blogging about layoffs? Ha ha ha...whoops.

(The best part was coming home to Shoemom, who informed me that - oh, she knew I would've called, but you know - she had 'the big speech all prepared - all about how it was OK, we'd get by, you'd find a better job...' I suggested she save it, just in case. She assured me she would.)

Anyway, other than that - Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how'd you enjoy the play? - I'm having a good time filling in for my supervisor. Except of course that I have to kill him slowly, with fire, for forgetting to leave me his network password, thus condemning me to painstakingly recreate his weekly Huge All-Important Financial Report from scratch over two nerve-straining days. (It was due on the first, natch.) 

On the plus side, as I mentioned to his supervisor - hi, tact, we'll really have to get together sometime! - I've never actually had the opportunity to screw up an entire company division before.  Hilights include the moment when, just before hitting send, I decided to double-check and found I'd accidentally reversed this year and last year's sales columns. X-Treme retail admin!

But that was only the first couple days. Since then, there's been time to look around, and it's gotten interesting. I've had my first taste of management, and find it agrees with me. I'd almost forgotten my flair for trouble-shooting and devising workarounds. Once, away back when I switched buying groups, a co-worker told me that I couldn't leave, because 'you're the one we all go to to explain things!'. It feels so good to have that working for me again.

And now here I sit, still employed, and the family is fighting and the cats are cranky and it's the coldest day of the year...and I don't mind. Because there are always possibilities, after all.


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