Feb. 22nd, 2009

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I haven't been posting this week because, frankly, this week has been absolutely nutz in RL, up to and including trying to decide how much of it could safely be posted here.

First it got busy at work, then it got crazy at work...

....then there was a Big Huge Major meeting announcement at work....

...then some stuff happened that's very likely covered by the aforementioned Privacy Policy From Hell...

...and then I got my old job back. Now with some additional pretty shiny bits.

Essentially, they decided the changes that had removed experienced people from the buying offices were probably unwise in the long run, and are putting us back. Because no corporate restructuring is complete without jargon-juggling, I am no longer an Associate but a *drumroll please!* Buyer's Assistant, reporting directly to the new Suits & Dresses buyer, and am thrilled to little tiny bits.

Not least because, when they originally demoted me to data entry clerk, I had tried to apply for a similar assistant's position but was told I couldn't be recommended for it as I wasn't qualified or experienced enough. So I clenched my teeth - hard - put my head down, and listened to my old buyer's parting advice: just look for opportunities to show yourself off, wherever they may come.
Thus here I am, six months later...and let's hear it for plain ol'hard work and perseverance, after all. I'm being hailed as the Voice of Experience, just the person needed to support the incoming buyer for one of our more important and lucrative departments. For the first time in pretty much my entire corporate career, I've 'played the game' correctly, and come out on top...or at least, not on the bottom.

Really, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how much horn-tooting this warrants in Teh Big Picture - to this longtime Dilbert reader, it sits uncomfortably in a lot of respects. But hey, I do still have a job...unlike a few of the more hard-line militants for fairness in the same vicinity. As I've always believed, there remains something to be said for doing the task well that no-one else wants to do.


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